Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh No! It's Summertime!

Moms and Dads find themselves looking into the eyes of their kids trying to figure out how to occupy them for the ENTIRE summer. Sure, you can go out for ice cream, visit the zoo, the pool, but after awhile the magic wears off, and you've done all the summer traditions. Don't forget to craft it out with your kids! Lots of stuff is easy and kid friendly, or at least will keep them occupied for a little while. (Like peeling the paper off crayons for the Crayon Revival Craft.) While I'm going to post some ideas here that I keep in my arsenal, remember, the library is your friend and lots of Children craft books exist there.

These ideas are from a Kid's craft book called "Eco Art" and I liked them because most of the stuff you are already going to have around the house.  No need to hit up the craft store and drop money on pom poms. It's also stuff you're kids can help make and then use or learn from, and who doesn't want their kids learning all summer long?

May your craft adventures be vast and colorful. And feel free to contact me with questions!

Tips on Crayon Revival: I used soda cans that I cut the lid off of instead of soup caps, I found it helpful because I could bend the can to make a spout and pour the melted crayon.  I just used cupcake liners like is suggests but if you have some funky shape baking sheets made from silicon, you could make some pretty cool crayons.  I mixed my colors and even made designs and layers, the kids can help decide how to pour.  I used an old saucepan so I didn't have to worry about rogue crayon ruining my good cookware, it was a smart idea. But I'm super messy!

Squid-Stitch- A Cross-Stitch/ Acrylic Paint Experiment