Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Egg Art

Let's have an Easter Egg challenge! See just how creative you can get with the beautiful little white surface.

I made two red ones in honor of "Greekster" (Greek Easter) because they dye all their eggs red.

Maybe after you've all made your Egg Creations, taken pictures and shown your Egg Pride you could try this Greek Easter Egg Game. (I played it in Greece at Easter time.) Here's how it goes:

Cracking Eggs

In Greek culture, eggs are usually dyed on the Thursday before Easter. This particular Thursday is called Red Thursday, or Kokini Pempti. Nothing is done on Good Friday. No one works or cooks. You basically act as though someone in your own family has died.

So you've got your eggs, it's Easter Sunday, and you're rearin' to go. Here's what you'll need to know:

* It takes two to crack eggs properly.
* First, you and your partner must chose your eggs. you want an egg that seems as though it would hold up to a good beating.
* Hold your egg in your fist as though your fist were an egg cup.
* You will want to chose which side you want facing up first.
* Tops will smash tops and bottoms will smash bottoms.
* All actions are done vertically.
* Next, decide who will try to smash the other's egg first.
* It is very important to attack your partners egg head on, otherwise it is considered cheating.
* If you have succeeded in cracking your partner's without cracking your own, you get the next hit. (If you started tops, bottoms are next).
* If no one's egg has cracked, your partner gets a try.
* The winner is the one with the least damage.
* The top winner is the one who's egg has withstood it all. Unless of course you are really wanting to eat your egg, because you can't crack it on your own unless it's the very last egg left!.
* Remember to have fun.

We'd even make wishes before beginning battle and the one to win, had their wish come true!

Share your egg fun! Get creative! And Smile!

*Did you know? -- A great way to color your eggs red is by cooking them in red



  1. I like your eggs. That sounds a little weird, but I do.

  2. Thanks! You should try it out!