Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Commission Form For Maker Squids

Want A Squid Of Your Own?

Its easy, fill out this commission sheet and send it to me in an email. Within a few days, (usually the same day you fill it out) I will send you an email back and ask you any questions and give you a heads up on price and ETA.

Imagine yourself any kind of squid at all!

Commission Form

Your Name: _________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________


E-mail Address: ______________________________________

Phone: ______________________________

Signature: _____________________________

(By signing, you agree to the conditions on the next page)

~Squid Specifications~

Color: ___________ Yarn Type: _________ Size: ___________

Possible personality traits and name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Possible Accessories: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Special Requests or considerations: _____________________________________________________


Commission Conditions:

1) Commission price will be determined based on expenses, including price of yarn, accessories and size of squid.

2)Accessories beyond the person of the squid, such as furniture or housing, etc. will be priced separately.

3)Commission is to be paid upon completion of squid. Delivery charges are not included in price of commission.

4)Commissions are completed at the leisure of Morgan Kristy Reynolds (here-on referred to as the "artist").

5)The artist reserves the right to take artistic license in interpreting the personality of the squid.

6)The artist reserves the right to photograph and display images of the commissioned squid, online and otherwise.

7) After shipping the squid, the artist is no longer responsible for its condition upon arrival or delivery.

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