Monday, December 22, 2008

Squidbears Are Ready To Adopt! Read Their Stories And Join The Family!

Squidbears are ready to be adopted for a $40 dollar adoption fee (including their adoption certificate and the shipping cost for getting them safely to you.) And Hugo, a very special squid, is up for negotiation. Can't let him go easily, he may be one of a kind in size!

If you are interested in one of these squids, please contact me soon, or less they might just end up at ellO gallery, sadly waiting for a mum or dad there. Save a squid. Join the family!


Banks the Squidbear

His full name is actually Mix Master Banks and he’s the freshest squidbear there is out there. But while Banks may be a master on the turntables, he’s not all hip-hop and experimental beats. Banks favorite show is Fresh Price of Bel-Air and he has all the curious George books every made. Keep that in mind next time you’re watching the DJ lay down some phat beats.


Truman the Squidbear

Truman is splendid companion, although quiet a gossiper. He is most known for his culinary mystique and loves to eat five star seafood. Although he hopes calamari is never on the menu and for good reasons! Truman hopes one day to open a spa where any cephalopod can come and get his tentacles massaged and waxed, he believes that everyone should always look and feel their best!


Teddy the Squidbear

Teddy was the first squidbear to ever emerge into the human realm, so you might say he is braver than the rest. They didn’t come out of hiding until he’d called them up in the ocean depths and told them the coast was clear. Teddy has been curious from the start. He’s always wondered about life beyond the great blue and has his sights set on being the first squid in space. Help him call up NASA, won’t you?


Edna the Squidbear

Edna the squidbear is the calm and proper sister of Teddy. She loves spending her time reading romance novels from the Tudor period and can’t get enough of Queen Elizabeth I sorted past. Edna is so enthralled she often speaks with “thither” and “where for art thou,” thrown in and swears in another life she was one of the royal family.

She expected to be treated like one now.


Toby the Squidbear

Toby is the most honest, easy going squidbear you’ll find. He’s likes to spend his days chilling out, counting bottle caps and whistling. (He’s really good at it.) There is nothing really deep or troubling about Toby. He likes to go fishing and tells good stories. He’s a perfect best friends and even better squid. Thing is, his color is the brightest thing about him but what he lacks in smarts he makes up for in heart.


Princess the Squidbear

Most often heard saying, “Do my tentacles make me look fat?” Princess the Squidbear lives up to her name in everyway imaginable. She expects to be promptly woken at eight everyone morning and lives off a diet of kale and king crab only! (Although I’ve seen her sneak in chocolate every now and then.) She has impeccable taste in jewelry and evening wear and believes she looks best in winter.


Sydney the Squidbear

Sydney the squidbear can find it hard living in his big brother, Hugo’s shadow. Of course when your brother is a colossal squid, it’s hard not to find yourself literally in his shadow all the time. Sydney secretly dreams of being a superhero or a knight, any sort of heroic figure that saves damsels and makes it in all the papers. But as superheroes and knights seem out of date, he’s thinking of being a fire fighter.


Snorf the Squidbear

Now before you scuff, its important to know that Snorf is from the arctic and his name is very common there. Snorf actually means “ice master” in Arctic Squidbear and Snorf is a very important squid. He is singlehanded responsible for the Squid Winter Olympics that take place every four years in the Arctic and has one four gold medals himself for his breathtaking tentacle ski skills. He is, however, afraid of polar bears.


Hugo the Colossal Squid

My dear, the day Hugo was born certainly was a very important day to remember. Never before had such a large Maker Squid been seen and some say, never again. (But who knows if myth is right or not.) What is obvious, is that Hugo is a very special squid indeed. He loves to wrap his tentacles around people and is known for his great hugs and wonderful snuggling techniques. While Hugo may be huge, he is very timid and sweet.

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